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Re: Sony KV-X21TU

anonymous Posted Jan 23, 2004, in response to:Richard

The fault I have is two fold. When it is hot the channels change by themeselves making the the remote control inoperable. When cold the picture and sound cuts out sometimes only for a second or two, sometimes completely. when the latter happens the set has to be switched off, for say five minutes before trying again ???


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    Re: Re: Sony KV-X21TU

     Peter Taussig Posted Feb 10, 2004

    Have you tried resoldering the board especially in the region of the power supply at the front of the board where you will find a very large power resitor? A lot of heat is generated in this area. You defintiely ahve a dry joint...that is why the set shuts off but then can start again when it has cooled down.



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