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panasonic ag-dvc15 fault!

Paul13 Posted Mar 26, 2004

Does anyone know what the fault codes mean on the panasonic ag-dvc15's?

Can anybody tell me what the message F 04 means on the display screen of this camera. It is accompanied with the Cam - Vcr lights flashing on and off and, basically, renders the camera useless. Has anyone else encountered this? Please help!!


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    Re: panasonic ag-dvc15 fault!

     Simon Posted Nov 18, 2004

    Anyone come across this problem. The DVC15 switches off on it's own about 10secs after being turned on. This happens whether you are in camera or VCR mode. I think it's probably a logic fault rather than tape tension or heat. Anyone else had similar problems?

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    Re: panasonic ag-dvc15 fault!

     Paul13 Posted Mar 30, 2004

    Thanks for that - I did wonder why the problem rectified itself sometimes when opening and closing the tape door! I actualy contacted Panavision to seek help with the problem, but all they could tell me was that F 04 was 'a fault code of some kind'. Very helpful. Thanks again, Paul


    Re: panasonic ag-dvc15 fault!

     nav Posted Mar 30, 2004

    hi Welcome to the club. I have a mindv panasonic and have the same problem. its casued by the video head motor spinning too quick or too slow ,its a tape problem thats has something to do with the tolerences. Im looking for a sercice manual to rectify this error. try a different tape or just load and unload hte error will rectify



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