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Two eastcoast rappers

C.Villin n Yung El Posted Mar 31, 2004

Anybody who lookin to sign two original eastcoast rappers...

Wuts really good? Im 17 my name C.Villin n Im doin my thing wit my man Yung El who 18.We been doin it big on the streets, peoples is feelin are shit, n were lookin for a record deal. We got an original flow that aint on that gun bustin' tip but we still keepin it street.Lyricly we on a whole new level an we need a record deal or the chance to let someone hear us so we can let the game hear it.We been trien ta get are name out dropen mixtapes on the block, lettin the streets hear what it is but its time we get a deal an let everybody hear what it is.The game aint heard two young buls comen' this strong for a while, no conceeded shit intended.So if theres a label or somebody who well conected thats interseted hit up my e-mail: Till we get a deal its straight grindin on the strip..Holla at us...1


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