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Clarifier removes colorstripe 7.0 from DVD/VHS

Dingbat Posted May 09, 2004

Clarifier removes colorstripe 7.0 from DVD/VHS

I am basically posting this so that others may avoid getting ripped off like I almost was- my main problem was that I have to route my vid signal from my DVD player through my VCR, and the Macrovision messes it up, so I decided to get a clarifier that could also take out colorstripe 7.0, because I had some older DVD's I wanted to back up to VHS; I did a lot of research, and there are a LOT of companies out there are selling 7 dollar clarifiers for 80 bucks. The only one I found that really worked was a clarifier from "facet video". I ordered it, and it worked great. You can even record any DVD to any DVD recorder. I don't "shill", but I want to let you all know NOT to buy those cheapy clarifiers; I almost got ripped off, so do some research before you buy. I am not endorsing any company, just want you to be careful! (recording licenced media for profit is illegal! I bought this device to back up stuff I bought, which is legal.)


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