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TRV240E Self-Diagnostic code C:31:42

Michael Taylor Posted Jun 30, 2004

The meaning of self-diagnostic code C:31:42

My 18 month old Camcorder shuts down after switch-on and gives out five bleeps. The above code appears in the viewfinder with the symbol to eject the tape. Sony will not tell me what is wrong and insist on charging me £175 plus VAT to look at it. Can any one tell me what this, so-called self-dianostic code means ?


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    Have sony PC 9 camera error code C31.42 want it repaired from I G Read


    I tried the Camera-Whack and that didn't work. Then I removed the tape and blew some hot air inside. Finally, I stuck my finger in there and rolled around some of the drive wheels. When I stuck the tape back in, the Dreaded C:31:42 was gone. You all saved my marriage! Thanks...I think.


    i will send you total self-diagnostic mode in text file. pl send your id

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    "C" means you, the customer, can fix it. "31" Tape Problems "40" "Function Generator Fault When Starting Drum" Fix: "Remove battery and start over" Remove the battery for a bit and hit the "RESET" button after reinstalling the battery.


    I have same problem. My 240E is about 22 months old. I also received C:31:40

    Comments 2, Last comment by ps4u Nov 23, 2004

    Hi! I got the same problem on my trv230. Did you get an answer how to get the problem fixed? Please could you tell me how? If i find something to solve the problem i will tell you. the only thing i know is in the instruction manuel on page 131 it's said that it's something you can service yourself. - remove the cassette and insert it again, than oparate your camcorder. -disconnect the power cord of the ac power adapteur or remove the battery pack.After reconnecting the power source, operate your camcorder. Thank you Roger

    Comment 1, Last comment by paul Jul 29, 2004


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