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Sony camcorder and digital camera repair

CRIS MELCHOR Posted Oct 06, 2004

camera repairs

We are new company specializing in Sony camera repair.Visit us Looking forward for your business.


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    The screen on my camcorder will not work .I sent it for repair to a firm in London England,They say they cant get the spare part from Sony U.K Its a Sony camcorder I purchased in florida The camcorder is a DCRTRV7E the spare part is a Hinge Flexi Assembly the part no as far as I know is 166552811 I was advised to try the states or Japan I have bad eye sight so I have trouble seeing the modern small screen camcorders If you are ably to help me please let me know the cost etc. thank you for any help you can give. mikefisher.

    Comment 1, Last comment by MR M FISHER May 27, 2009

    Im have an HVRA-1U Sony HD Camera I am trying to capture video to my computer but I am not able to. I bought another cable and the camera still doesn't work. I tried to capture on another computer altogether and nothing happens. I have captured from the camera before. What is the problem? I can't edit my movie if I can't capture video. H----e----l----p! Please somebody!


    I have a DCR-PC110 NTSC the camera works great, never dropped. The wirless remote remote just stopped working. I changed the batteries and still no signal to the camera for vedio replay. I do not know if it is the remote or the camera? Do you know where I can get a remote? Have you had any issue in the past like this that you have resolved?


    I have a Sony DSC-S50 digital camera on which the flash is inoperative. I get an indicated error code of E:91:01 which as I understand it is irreversable by the operator. A local dealer has told me that the camera would have to be mailed to Sony for repair at an estimated cost of $250. The camera is not worth that much, however, I recently purchased a new battery and would, therefore, like to repair it if I can do so at a reasonable cost.

    Comments 2, Last comment by kumar Jan 10, 2008

    Hi, I have a sony handycam dcr-sr200 I need a lcd panel replacement. Please do let me know if you have it and how much will it be to repair the camcorder. thank you


    To whom it may concern: One of my friends had his Sony Handycam repaired by you last summer and highly recommended you. I have a Sony DCR-PC110 NTSC that was dropped about a year ago. Every since then the audio recording comes in and out intermittently. It will work for a while then go on and off for a while. The video recording will also occasionally jitter and come in and out. I would like to send it to you to be repaired. Does this sound like something you can fix? If so, what address can I send it too and what is your phone number? What kind of payment do you take and how much is due upfront? Thanks so much, Chuck de Sibour


    I have a DSC-P9 and the flash does not work , when i try to adjust the flash , fault code E:91:01 appears.How can this fault be corrected ?


    Sony DSCP100

     John Gomez Posted Jan 11, 2005

    The subject camera was dropped about a month ago. It landed on the extended lens and cocked it sideways a bit. I sent it back to Sony Service in Laredo, Tx and they denied warranty service (it will be 1 year old in July). I tried to straighten it myself and did except it doesn't fully retract anymore. It still takes a picture but is obviously not portable anymore. What is your opinion and estimate to repair if even possible. Thanks, John Gomez Brighton, Mich.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Kuma Sep 24, 2005

    I have a digital 8 DCR-TRV510 NTSC. It needs repairs. Can I send it to you?


    Hello I have a Sony DCR-TRV340 camcorder. When I try to open the LCD panel, the camera switches off on its own and switches on when the LCD panel is closed. I noticed this problem suddenly. Can you advise what is going on and what is the remedy. Thanks a lot Suresh

    Comment 1, Last comment by CRIS MELCHOR Jan 25, 2005
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