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Thomas D Posted Nov 03, 2004, in response to:David Proctor

Its not too hard to replace, but does have one tricky part. Take the camera apart, you will see the ribbon cables for the LCD and backlight. You must pull the two ribbon cables apart, they are stuck together. BE CAREFUL!! Line up the new cable with the connectors on the old and hold them together with tape. Also you may need to place a spacer under the cables to keep them firmly touching eachother. (small piece of carboard from the LCD box works well) If the backlight doesnt work when you put the camera back together make sure they are ligned up properly.


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    I just got my lcd replacement for my sony t1 camera.... The backlight was working before and now once i got the new lcd attached the backlight is not working. The new lcd howeever works fine.. I need help!!! If anyone has any pictures or can give me a good walk through on fixxing this please post it or email me

    Comment 1, Last comment by Stan Lemko Mar 20, 2006

    I just tried to replace my LCD screen and got it all together but for some reason it wont work off the battery charger? Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?



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