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Re: dark bands across computer monitor

Eric S. Posted Dec 15, 2004, in response to:Matt Gromet

It sounds like a Filter Capacitor/s in your Monitor's Power Supply, has gone bad causing 50/60Hz Hum. But, although highly unlikey, the problem could also be your Video Card. Have you tried a known good monitor or have you tried the suspect Monitor on another PC? What is the Make/Model of your monitor?


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    Thanks for suggestions. My monitor was sold to me by Dell, it is a Sony Trinitron 17" I noticed the problem after I connected a wireless router, well away from this computer (I'm not certain this was time related, only that this is when I became aware). This computer is connected to the router hard-wire, same as before. It was shut down during router installation. Do you think there is any link here?

    Comment 1, Last comment by Eric S. Dec 16, 2004


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