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"Cannot play this type of disc"

Grammie Posted Dec 17, 2004

Panasonic HT80 "No Disc" + "Cannot play this type of disc"

Recently when I rent DVDs at my local Blockbuster, this particular player will not play them. It gives me a "No Disc" reading on the player and the TV says, "This type of disc cannot be played". My older disc play on this system still. Also, the newly rented DVDs play on mySamsung DVD player upstairs. The Panasonic is about 4 years old, the Samsung about the same age. I recently read about some Panasonic systems being unable to play "copy-protected" DVDs. Anyone else out there


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    Have a one year old combo unit that is a Panasonic. I have watched maybe 12 DVD's and for some reason, I get the same messages that you have. I contacted PANASONIC by e-mail with questions and have to say that I was greatly discourged with them. They took too long to reply and their reply was to take the unit to a repair shop. What have you found out? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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