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Re: Do you need your sony camera repaired?

C. Caesar Posted Dec 26, 2004, in response to:CRIS MELCHOR

If I read your message correctly and you repair Sony cams, please let me know if you can help and if your cost is less prohibitive than the mfg. I have a DSC-S50 that continues to read with a memory stick error code C:13:01. A colleague bought it on EBAY for parts. He doesn't want to do that with this camera because it and the box contents are like new. He would rather use the camera if only this issue could be resolved. If you wish to email advice that works and charge a fee (paid before the advice with the proviso of a refund if that advice does not work) let me know. Ask me to test as you can and I will try to answer all questions. If you feel sending it is the only way, please offer a quote, including S/H. It will be sent from 10011, USA. Thank you.


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