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Re: Sony KP51HW40 rear-projection TV

Rajendra patel Posted Dec 26, 2004, in response to:Frank

I have a similar problem with my television set. I have tried the sony help desk but have no luck. I am out of warranty. I am currently browsing the web in oreder to find some answers. If you have managed to repair your set, I will be very grateful for any feedback you can give me. Many Thanks Truely frustrated Raj


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    My Tv turned all blue before it died (6 months after the warranty). I found a place called Master Electronics in San Antonio, TX. They said it was the picture tube & the mother board. They gave me an estimate of $650. I wasn't sure if that was good or not. I'm still checking other companies.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Lou Feb 10, 2010

    The red lamp was burned out and had to replace it. It cost me I believe 500 dollars to repair.



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