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Sony Jukebox Error Code C 32 00 (DVP-CX860)

Adam Posted Dec 27, 2004

error c32 00

It plays dvds fine but from time to time when i try to change disc it fails and trys to put the disc in the tray and flashes c32 00 could anyone help me


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    I have this problem too and it is very frustrating! I noticed the problem occurs more frequently when it fully loaded with discs. It's not a seating problem, as I get this problem occuring with CD's that the player has played before and placed back into the tray by itself. I'm sure there is a real problem there, as some players seem to be more prone to it than others. I bought this player so that I could shuffle play my CD's like a jukebox, but it seems that after only a few CD changes, I get the same message. If you catch it trying to load a disc unsucesffully and tap on the door, it will usually load, but that is not a fix by any means. I took mine in for servicing, but the technician couldn't duplicate the problem. Of course, he was only using 10 CD's at the time.


    Hey I bought two of these dvd players not even a year ago and I'm having the same problem on one. I've read on a forum that the error: C:32:00 is caused from a partially ejected disc and it is not properly seated in the slot. So what I did was, after the dvd player shut down I opened the cover and taped in all the discs to make sure they were all in place. I had to spin the carousel by had but it worked afterwards. I'm not sure thats what fixed but it seems to work good now. Good luck! Hiram Rodriguez



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