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Re: Sony KP-53XBR45

Bill Posted Dec 30, 2004, in response to:anonymous

Dang! I feel you. Just about a year and a half ago I did a search on Sony's Support site and looked up my TV. KP-53XBR45 and know what came up? The remote and the outer lense. Right now I am kicking myself for not pick one of each up at the time. A few hundred dollars for these "wear and tear" pieces is still worth it to me now even though the TV is 8 years old. Sorry to say my XBR 53" is working perfectly. Colors are still great and the contrast is still awesome. Till this day she rarly wonders on convergance. For any of you that are looking for a cheap big screen with great picture (for the money since its old tech) look for one of them old XBR's. I paid full retail when it came out in 97' because I had to have it. Best deal I ever made. Regards, Bill


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