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Sony XR-C210 Faceplate Car Stereo

Chris Simpson Posted Dec 31, 2004

Used Faceplate compatible with all stereos.

I have a Sony XR-C210 Car Cassette/CD Changer control faceplate that is bad (LCD is shot). I found a used one that appears in good condition. When I install it all of the operational buttons work. The problem is with the LCD screen. It backlights, but it doesn't display any words in the LCD area. Any ideas? Even though the faceplace seems an exact match, does it only work with the original radio body? Help! Chris Simpson


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    There is a security feature with these units. You could just pull the faceplate and take it with you, and if someone stole the unit from your vehicle another faceplate wouldn't work. I have the same issue now, it appears my faceplate is defective and I'm not sure how Sony would sell me the correct one or how I could buy a used one somewhere that would work in my unit.



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