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Re: Looking for USB Drivers

juice Posted Jan 01, 2005, in response to:Steve Finley

Erm...not enough Info Steve...If u have windows 98 and above AND a computer with built in USB ports that is not TOO old, ie less than 7 years or so, the USB should be at least be dicovered if not installed automatically (as long as ONBOARD USB or the similar sounding is enabled in the BIOS) K, now player specific USB is diff. I have a samsung yepp that will ONLY work with it's on USB driver, however i have a generic MP3 player that installs as a removable hard disk, which means it's not driver specific..wahey! but? i hear u ask, how does that help me? well, do u EVER get a removable disk option on ur system in my computer or summet else? no? then what make and model is the player? That's THE important question. Any info is a start. If i could find my unbranded MP3 player's site then anything's possible lol Juice


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