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Sony TV on built in base

GirlyGreen Posted Jan 01, 2005

How does base come off??

I have acquired (2nd hand) a 35" Sony on a built-in stand. Model #KV-32TW25/35V75 . Instructions say nothing about removing stand so I can put it in my TV cabinet. No exposed screws or other indication how to remove and I don't want to damage it. Any help would be appreciated.


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    It's July 3, 2008 and I faced the same problem. Here is what you need to do in case you are still interested or if someone else reads this answer: 1. You must remove the back cover of the TV. Make sure you take at all of the screws that have an arrow showing on the cover including the ones on the jack panel. 2. You will see two mounting brackets on each side toward the front that have two little springs attached on the right and left side. Remobe the springs and spread the sliders so that the mounting bolt from the stand can go past those sliding brackets when you lift up the TV to remove it. 3. Lift up the TV chassis (It's best if someone is assisting you because it is rather heavy. 4. Once the chassis has been removed place it on the floor and reinstall the little springs on each bracket (8 springs in all). 5. On a carpet or blanket on the floor place the chassis with the front of the picture tube on the carpet or blanket. 6. Reinstall the back cover taking care that it is positioned properly and reinstall all the screws you removed in step 1. That's it and if you want to reinstall the TV on the stand in the future just place it on the stand and alligning the mounting bolts with the mounting holes on the bottom of the TV until they click and lock. Great design by SONY engineers.



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