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need information for articles for Videomaker magazine

George Furukawa Posted Jan 04, 2005

need information for articles for Videomaker magazine

January 3, 2005 Hi, I am a freelance writer with 28 years of experience. My articles have appeared in numerous national publications. I have been assigned to write a 1,350-word article introducing readers to lighting instruments available to consumer videographers (due January 10) and a 1,335 to 1,400-word article on the difference between shooting for widescreen and shooting for standard screen, and the different ways to shoot and plan for it (due January 18). Can you provide me with the following information for my articles at your earliest convenience: 1) Explain what a light kit is and how it's used 2) Describe what to look for in a light kit for video 3) Explain the following accessories -- Barndoors, Scrims, Accessory Mounts, Gels, Umbrella, Softboxes, Bulb Type 4) Spot/Flood adjustable 5) Stand height 6) Carrying case/weight (portability) 7) Explain what a reflector is and how it's used 8) Describe what to look for in a reflector 9) Size 10) Shape (umbrellas too) 11) Color(s) 12) Explain what a diffuser is and how it's used 13) Describe what to look for in a diffuser 14) Size 15) Shape 16) Color(s) 17) Help the reader determine how much of a kit he/she needs The lights and reflectors article will be part of a buyer's guide that will include single standing lights that retail for less than $500 and light kits that retail for less than $2,000. I have to summarize what lights and light kits as well as reflectors and diffusers do as well as explain the typical features found in the products in each category. I also have to cite a model within each type that typifies the category. The citations should mention a range of manufacturers and price points. I have to provide the manufacturer, model name and number and price for each product cited. For the article on shooting for widescreen, I need the following information at your earliest convenience: 1) Show ideas to watch for in pre-planning and shooting for widescreen format 2) Define the differences between wide screen and standard format 3) Discuss different kinds of in-camera widescreen effects such as anamorphic 16:9 and simple letterbox effects 4) Discuss that this changes the safe title/safe action area so shots can be composed on wider canvas If after reading the article, the reader is able to understand why he or she would pre-plan for widescreen vs. standard, and how to shoot for widescreen and use the shots appropriately, the article will be a success. Please suggest diagrams or illustrations that may illustrate the article. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day. George


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