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DVD player advice sought

Bahger Posted Jan 05, 2005

Got to try and have my cake and eat it too...

I'd really appreciate advice along the following lines: - Are multi-territory DVD players available legally in the USA? I'd like to be able to play British-standard DVDs if possible. Do these players require dedicated monitors or can you run them through a reular TV, as usual? - My PC can burn onto DVD+R and DVD+RW format disks. Is it worth finding a DVD player that can read the RW format? My last player could only handle DVD+R. Are the machines that can read multiple disk types much more expensive? - Are either of the above expectations unrealistic when looking for a DVD/VCR combo? - Is any particular brand known tobe more robust than others? I have to factor in my childrens access to the DVD player. They are usually very careful but... - Exactly what value is progressive scan? - Do you recommend online purchase of DVD players or is it better to research online then buy it at a store? Thanks. I really appreciate any and all input.


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