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Re: we want to start a band like hilary duff did

Alison and Ashlee Posted Jan 06, 2005

Me and my best friend Ashlee want to start our own band.Maybe you can email me and interview us in 24 hours,cause the careers in vancouver island are dull.Because I alison and Ashlee well we really want to start our own band,what do ya think about that.Oh just to remind you Ashlee and I are 11 yrs old but we want to travel,we want to meet Raven Symen,HIlary Duff,and maybe you. Ashlee says that she wants to be mostly an acter same with me. So maybe give me a call by email,it is!!!WE REALLY WANT TO BECOME FAMOUS.PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!.From:Alison.Vanlambalgen and Ashlee.Laberge.lots of love from the cosins


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    Hello, i am here to give you two advice. I have started a band and since you two are very young, you have NO IDEA of what's to come ahead of your path. Starting a band is NOT easy. you have to hire an agent, pay LOTS of money. and remember that you'll be paying that person who makes your records too. The agent costs alot of money. You can't become popular with just a click of your fingers. it takes 24/7 work. You will probably have to quit school and you might not become famous. it takes years to become famous. You cant travel at your age. you're too young. you'd have to quit school. Don't forget those tourings that you have to do to get famous. Oh and unless your parents are multi-millionaires, then forget about ever becoming famous at your age. and you have to scale something called---the wall of fame. and lemme tell you ITS BIG WORK! it takes time, practice, and patience. Good luck! you'll need it.



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