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Tuning channels on Sony Trinitron KV-X21 TU

a claire Posted Jan 10, 2005

Tuning Sony channels without manual

A friend gave me their old Sony Trinitron KV-X21 TU and I am now trying to get reception on it using an indoor antenna (in London). No matter which way I position the antenna the reception is very poor and there is a lot of doubling of the images ("ghosting"). In the antenna's instruction manual it says "Important: You need to programme the channels on your TV when using the SV9030 antenna, please refer to the instruction manual supplied with your TV." But since this is a used TV I don't have the manual or the remote. If anyone can help me figure out how to programme the channels I would really appreciate it. I'm not sure if this will help with reception but I'm really hoping! Thanks very much.


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