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Re: Re: no power on SONY SLV-E700

John Posted Jan 11, 2005, in response to:Haavard

thanks, I already had that site. I managed to strip out the powersupply from the SLV sony recorder and have tracked down the fault to the connection between the primary and the secondary powersupply on the MITSUMI SR256 board. 3 weeks ago I contacted Dönberg Electronics in Ireland with a photo of the piece that was not working.picture here. ( ) for them to identify and tell me if a replacement would be available. ( they never answered. They have a part called a PC120 and it only costs about £7.00 but I am not sure if it is the same part. someone did say to me it looked like a Sanyo diode but I am not sure. My local Sony shop have given me a couple of UK telephone numbers so I might give them a try,,,, Sony Spares 08702406354 or the Sony Customer Helpline 08705111999 .. only help if you live in UK...sorry. I contacted the other guy who had the same problem posted here, and he eventually just scrapped the VCR and bought a better one. It is a shame that one little component can render the VCR totally useless. If this all fails I will go out and buy a DVD recorder as it appears to be the way to go. best of luck in your hunting. BTW get Manual dont have any info on my SLV-E700UX VCR maybe it is to old .. it about 10 years old. its a reall bummer.


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    I have a Sony SLV E700 but the remote has gone missing (the grand children, I think!). The VCR is old and still OK but no use without a remote. If anyone has a spare I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    Comments 2, Last comment by Stephen Mar 17, 2005

    I have the same fault on my 700 the picture of the part that Ryan has found to be faulty not sure but this could be made by sharp they have replaced this part to pc 123 not but by checking manufacturer S on the part = Sharp they have a part no pc 120 changed as above so if anyone sources this part first let us know, good vcr well worth repairing.


    After reading this thread, it seem i to have the same problem with my SLV E700. I have no ideas on how to fix this, however if you guys do manage to track down a solution/component, please reply. Many Thanks, and i agree, it is such a shame it doesn't work because of such a small component. Ryan



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