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Re: Re: Re: videe doesnt eject automatically

Eric S. Posted Jan 12, 2005, in response to:chris

Can you see what actually drives the cassette housing assy? It is usually a small gear located on the lower right side looking from the front. This gear engages a gear on the VCR deck. When a cassette is inserted, you should feel resistance as these gears mesh. This in turn causes a rotary encoder (switch) to change position and sense that a cassette has entered the unit. This activates a loading motor that drives the two meshed gears in order to load the cassette. When the cassette reaches the bottom of the housing assy the gears unmesh and two photo sensors detect the cassette in the loaded position. Now the above loading motor is directed to load the tape around the cylinder assy, where the heads are located and play the tape when you press the play button. This is how the NTSC version operates.


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    Eric the recorder works again. Thanks for the info. The recorder works the same as you explained! I followed your discription step by step and was able to see where the problem was. It was a mechanical problem. The problem was a small spring (hidden under other parts near the front of the recorder). On one side it is connected to a metal part and on the other side to plastic which had broken. The spring pulls the loading gear to the main motor gear. Untill the tape reaches the bottom of the housing. I've made a small point-like incisition in the plastic where the spring is now connected.Thanks again.



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