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Re: E04 Unit in safeguard mode

Steve Posted Feb 11, 2005, in response to:Perry

Here's what i found. I was able to clear the message by opening and closing and ejecting the cassette. I also had to play with the battery at the same time. Keeping the cassette door open and then pulling out the battery. After is did this a couple of times i got the message to clear. I too haven't used my camcorder for some time and now that the error message has cleared the camcorder tells me that i need to clean the heads. Hope this helps. Below is the message i found that pointed me toward ejecting the cassette. Good Luck, i'm off to buy a tape head cleaning cassette. An error indication (E03 or E04) appears. - (E03 or E04 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY) This massage a malfunction of some kind has occurred. In this case the camcorder's functions become unusable. - Eject the cassette once and re-insert it, then check if the indication clears. When it does, you can resume using the camcorder. If the indication remains, consult your nearest JVC dealer or service center


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    Hi man!
    I try the your metode but don't and but i kick de camcorder and now it's run...incredible! it's not a fake....first try a little kick and see.


    Re[2]: E04 Unit in safeguard mode

     AJ Posted Oct 19, 2009

    i tried doing what you said but the casset thing wouldn't open so i did something that you probably shouldnt do....i smacked the camera and what do ya know it opened and the message went away :D

    Comment 1, Last comment by carlos77 Jan 03, 2012

    Yeah, I have seen this problem 2 weeks ago after not using my GR-DVL100 for several months. The unit is about 5 years old. After I read comments on the topic, I went to buy the head cleaner. The problems seems to come on and off, but haven't given up trying. At least, the picture now show but with no sound, and at a bit faster speed. Look forward to see the end results

    Comments 2, Last comment by SRINIVASNETHA Feb 23, 2010

    Had the same problem with my NBC gr-dvl1020. Cassette caddy was stuck open and would not insert. Would try to insert then come up with error 04. To fix it I did steves trick but I had to turn the camera upside down and then it would close.


    Amazing. E04 displayed in screen. After reading Steve's solution, I've tried and it took me about 8 operations of removing the battery with tape inserted, plus some kicks, plus closing the tape compartment immediately after oppenning, and ... it's running and in good condition. My camera is a GR-DVL9600A, bought in Feb 2000 at Singapore. Still working, I hope for a long time. It use to be the state of the art, but not any more, almost 10 years later. Once again, thanks for the tips.


    Thanks for the post, I removed the battery while the error was on the screen and at the secnod attempt it cleared the error. Camera works again :)


    it did not do it plz help me


    Steve, You saved me $250. That's what an electronic retailer told me JVC charged just to diagnose the problem. I followed your instructions and it worked. THANKS!

    Comment 1, Last comment by rdm Dec 19, 2008

    I have a JVC GR-DVL805U. My E04 UNIT IN SAFEGUARD MODE REMOVE AND REATTACH BATTERY message seems to have been caused by a broken tape. I pushed the tape cover release latch and after lifting the casset cover I discovered that the tape was broken. The message has not appeared since inserting a new tape or replaying old ones. However, only time will tell if this was the real cause. What caused the tape to break? I don't have a clue.


    Re[2]: E04 Unit in safeguard mode

     SK Posted Oct 11, 2008

    Thanks a lot! It worked! Internet (and people there) is really an excellent tool!


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