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Pioneer SX-251R stereo receiver/amplifier

Mike Bobaly Posted Feb 24, 2005

Anyone can help me with schematics or service manuals?

Was blown the fuse(3.15A slow blow). I checked out one side the big amplifier trans's 2SC4688/2SA1803 gone. I replaced and i checked out the small driver trans's, they was ok. Turned on fuse gone again. Fortunetly the the drivr and the end trans's did not hurt. But in the power supply circuit has some small "tranzistor looks like, small components what I can't messure like a normal tranzistor and I can't indentify: eg.: Q751(TO92 package) write on the component: "1201". Q605: "1203" Q606: "1201" I don't know they are protection or powersupply or standby circuit function.(because this is remoote controlled unit) that's why I need schematic. Thank you very match in advance if you can help and let me know if I can hep you whit something? Best regard Mikey. Ps: The remote# AXD1259 or AXD1090. I don't Have any remote and is avaible from Pioneer, but no point to buy it until, I can fix the amp.


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