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i need to set the clock on a jvc kd-g200 cd player

jason Posted Mar 12, 2005

need to set the clock on a jvc kd-g200 cd player

i just got a jvs kd-g200 and dont have the manual and i have tried anyway i can think of to set the clock and nothing works help me please


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    after you hold the selectkey 2+ sec to go between selections use keys on lower rt when you find clock hour turn vol control manual not real clear.


    Try this: Setting the clock 1 Press and hold SEL (select) for more than 2 seconds. “DEMO,” “CLOCK H,” “CLOCK M,” “DIMMER,” or “AMP GAIN” appears on the display. 2 Set the hour. 1 Select “CLOCK H” (hour) if not shown on the display. 2 Adjust the hour. 1 2 3 Set the minute. 1 Select “CLOCK M” (minute). 2 Adjust the minute. 1 2 4 Finish the setting. To check the current clock time or change the display mode Press DISP (display) repeatedly. Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows: • During tuner operation: • During CD operation: • During power off: The power turns on and the clock time is shown for 5 seconds, then the power turns off.


    Hi, I have same problem I did change time once but I forgot what I did. It was some time ago. but I remember holding "SEL" button and switching between "DEMO ON" and "DEMO OFF" but I forgot what I did after that. I newer had manual too. It was just good luck. I think. But I need change time again. And I'm tring for like 2 weeks but no succes. If I get it I let you know. please let me know If you will figure it sooner. Thank you and good luck



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