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JVC KD-S570 Wiring Layout Needed

Ben Posted May 03, 2005

Need Help with Wiring System

Alright I have a 1983 Buick parkavenue. My sister just gave me her JVC KD- S570 Rado/CD. I need to know what wires are what! Inside the car there are these combinations of wires Yellow Brown DK Blue and Lt Blu (Left and Right REar Speakers) A Combo of Gry, Tan DK Green and LT Green (L and R Front Speakers) And others On the JVC Harness there are Yellow, Red, Black (ground) 2 purples one with black stripe . 2green one with black stripe 2 white one with stripe, 2 grey one wityh stripe, ONE blue with stripe Which wires go to which on car?


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    I ran across your question while looking for the Wiring diagram for my KD-LX30 Kameleon. I gave it to my son, but he lost the installation instructions. I find JVC provides poor support, since they had no installation instruction downloads, nor service manuals, on their sites. I finally found it, and hope it can still be helpful: Red - hot(positive) to an accessory connection(so it cuts power when you park) Yellow - to a constant battery connection Black - ground Blue - used only if you have an amplifier or power antenna to activate them. Speakers: Purple wires - Right Rear. The black striped ones go to the - speaker terminal. Green wires - Left Rear. Gray - Right Front White - Left Front BTW To download an owner's manual for your unit, go to the following site & find your model. Download & print(free). It covers troubleshooting, functions, etc(but doesn't include the wiring codes.

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    Dear sir, We have this service manual in stock. kindly contect us on or thanking you kirit shah



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