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We are looking to buy:

Babylon TV Ltd Posted Jul 08, 2005

We are looking to buy

We are Looking to buy: SONY CCUM5P SONY CCUM7P SONY CCUM7AP SONY UVW1800P SONY PVW2800P SONY PVW2600P SONY DFS700P SONY DFS700AP SONY DVW500P SONY DVWA500P SONY DVW700WSP SONY DVW700P SONY DVW707P SONY DVW709WSP SONY DSRPD150P SONY DSRPD170P SONY DSR570WSP SONY DSR500WSP SONY DXCD30P SONY DXCD35P SONY DXCD50WSP SONY DXC537AP SONY DXC637P SONY DSR1P SONY RMMG7 SONY DSR1800P SONY DSR60P SONY DSR70P SONY DFS500P SONY BVE2000P CINEJIB CRAIN EGRIPMENT TRAKS HMI LIGHTING (575W, 1.2KW, 2.5KW, 4KW, 12KW, 18KW) SATCHLER 18+ TRIPOD SATCHLER 20 TRIPOD Babylon TV Ltd Imex House, 6 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, Middx. UB6 7JJ. United Kingdom Tel No: +44(0) 208 991 3790 ............ Fax No: +44(0) 208 991 3846 Mobile: +44(0) 7733 107 178 ............


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    I have a SONY DVW-700P Lens: CANON BCTV 14x View Finder BVFV10CE


    Dear Sir, We have two numbers Sony DXC 637 P for sale in Mumbai in India.We are expecting US$1200 each.Plese contact via email. Regards G.S.Bhatia


    SONY PVW-2650P S/N 11657 T1=732 T2=278 T3=240 Ct=879 Price - $ 2,500 SONY PVW-2800P S/N=39169 T1=587 T2=137 T3=125 Ct=771 Price - $ 4,350 SONY DSR 2000P S/N=403413 H01=3916 H02=439 H03=392 H04=2713 Price - $ 6,200 SONY J30SDI S/N=10481 (almost non used, just several times as a backup resource) I cannot understand how to check counters on it. Price - $11,150 (10 items)SONY PVM 2054 QM Price - $ 980 / each All items are in US.



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