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Re[3]: SONY TV KV32S40

Eric Heugel Posted Jul 13, 2005, in response to:hutchful

It is possible. Lots of caps used for high production purposes dont have more than 1000 to 2000 hrs of useful life before they start belching out the smelly fishy oily stuff.(electrolytic leaking). I have been through this with many different brands of TV's as well as broadcast and professional cameras, so it isnt just specific to this particular TV. Electrolytic Caps go bad after a few years. Its just what happens to them. Especially if they are used in the oscillator circuits where they are constantly being charged and discharged at a high rate. Its just a matter of changing them out. I have had many TV's with just a few caps bad and I've had cameras with over 150 of the small surface mounted caps(the worst offenders!)to replace. I usually just replace them all because they will just go bad shortly and cause more problems later. The older the TV the more likely they will go bad.


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