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Veeja Posted Aug 14, 2005

How can I re-program JVC AV-27230, without original remote or access to front panel??

I have this JVC TV model AV_27230... It was Grandpa's and as he got older he kept messing up the tv with the remote ( i.e. pushing random buttons. All he wanted to do was change the channel! Frustrated he would come and ask us to fix it. Which we did and then took the remote thinking it would be simpler for him if he just used the buttons on the front. We were wrong. He opened the control panel on the front and did the same thing. So my uncle figured he would glue the front panel closed. Then if something happened we had the remote to fix it. Well Grandpa is gone now:(.. and so is the remote. I'm trying to get it working so his daughter can use it. I know this is a lot more information than is needed, but I thought someone might help me if they understood. Thank you in advance for your time


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