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JVC CD audio system Model CA-C55BK

Dorjee Posted Aug 14, 2005

CD cannot operate

I have a JVC audio player model CA-C55BK that I bought in 1994. This player has 6 CD player mode and the cd tray does not open and cannot play any CDs. The radio and the cassette player works fine. Can anyone give me advise to fix this problem. Thank you DN


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    My JVC CA-C55BK has the exact same problem. I think the CD changer that operates the 6-disc magazine is of a poor design and made of cheap plastic components. I have looked inside mine and have gotten it freed up enough to work temporarially, but then it locks up again soon after. Fortunately you can use the AUX input to hook another CD changer to it, because it is a nice little unit, with decent features.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Lenore Lake Sep 27, 2010

    Did you ever get your problem fixed? This just happened today and I was wondering if you have any advice? Thanks!

    Comment 1, Last comment by Dorjee Jan 15, 2006


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