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Panasonic AV Control Receiver error code F70

Ray Binstead Posted Aug 16, 2005

Panasonic SA HE200 AV Control Receiver error code F70

I have recently had error code F70 appear on my AV control Receiver. Following information available from several forums, i opened the unit and replaced a 1.25A fuse which had blown.( i do have an electronics background and am happy to attempt such repairs) Unfortunately, the fuse has now blown again and therefore i would like to know if anyone knows of the most likely cause or component failure (Degradation?) It seems on this occasion to have blown when i switched the unit on from "Standby" i do not wish to put this into a service centre only to have the same fuse replaced and then subsequently blow again a week later!!! Can i get Circuit diagrams to assist with such repairs?


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    My daughters/son in law's receiver came up with the infamous 'overload' message after many years of operation without any troubles... btw - they also loved it! Checked fuses ..all ok, have no manual and was about to give up fixing this receiver without a schematic, when I went online and saw all the problems blogs. I proceeded to visualy inspect all the fuses (they all had checked ok with a meter), but all looked good. To follow up the reported F70 messages, I didn't find a 1.25A, but the closest thing .. a 2A on the board attached to the power x-former. When I removed this fuse and powered it up, the F70 fuse message came up. Replaced the fuse (with power removed) and the F70 error signal was gone ... but also the 'overload' error signal! It appears that removing the F70 fuse and powering it on, then replacing it had cleared the 'overload' error message also! Hope that helps some of you.


    Hey everyone, i am searching today for this "F70" error as well. I just bougnt a Playstation 3 today, while hooking it up, through my HMDI (which works fine with my current dvd player), i noticed no sound was coming in. Picture, yes, fine, no sound. I checked and changed around PS3's settings, i checked and changed the Panasonic's (SA XR57 is my model) settings, however, no luck. The actual on-screen text for this error is "F70 PWM". Has anyone had similar trouble, having the Panasonic work with TV and regular DVD, but not a game system, PS3?? It's mind boggling, it works with tv and dvd fine, but switch the Pana too the PS3, and nothing....just picture. Which makes me think it's not this "fuse" issue i've read a few times while searching. If anyone can help, please write here.


    My Panasonic He200 had same F70 message. Following the very helpful advice here, I took off cover, and one of the fuses (you had to look for them, as they were underneath a circuit board near the power intake... "thing"...)was blown. In my case it was a 2 amp fuse. The good thing is that the fuses are not soldered in, and are easy to replace. The bad thing is that Panasonic shouldn't be having these problems. (Maybe I shouldn't have listened to Consumer Reports recommendations!). I am grateful for your sharing the fix here, as I really didn't want to switch the dozens of wires onto a new receiver, not to mention the additional expense!


    Hi there, I've got a Panasonic SA-HE90 which also gives me a F70 error. Luckily I got a full schematic and spent some time to investigate the problem. To my understanding F70 error could mean almost every error. A couple of internal ICs are connected to the central processor via I2C bus. As soon one IC fails to work, it seems the amp reports the error. This does happen when one or more voltages are missing (fuse blown) or because of other reasons. In my case I'm still looking around, which IC is causing the problem. I thought this might be of interest to you. BR Ralf

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    ...additional info: this morning I spent half an hour on a quite pricy service hotline and had a very knowledgable technician at the other end. Fact: Error F-70 is caused by some faulty communication between central processor on the backside of the front panel, and other processors. Other processors could be: DSP, Volume control, Input selector or high voltage breakdown switch A digital board carrying the DSP with improper power attached (fuse blown or fuse got high impedance) causes the same error, because DSP cannt reply to commands. Therfore the blown fuse isn't the only answer available. Like in my case I still get F-70 error even all voltages are fine. If somebody would sell me his broken SA-HE90 or similar Receiver, I would like to try go build one working Amps out of two broken ones. Just send me a note to Greetings Ralf


    Hey all, Could someone show me WHERE this blown fuse is? I can't seem to find it with the unit open... Thanks!


    On my unit I found that one of the ribbon cables (attaching the power circuit board to the transformer) had been put on so tight that over time it caused one of the power circuit board solder connections to break free. I resoldered the broken joint, works fine now.


    Same as Wolfgang, I had a lightning strike about 100 feet from my home and the F70 error was the only casualty, luckily. I did exactly as suggested (replaced the 125V/2A fuse) and all was well. One suggestion, though. I stayed with the fast-blow fuse. I have had my Panny for 18 months and this is the first problem with it - the factory fuse did its job perfectly. It protected the rest of my Panny. Fortunately, we have a very good quality power system in my village (hydro, only 15 years old, reliable, no surges, etc.) so I don't have to worry about anything EXCEPT lightning. I would NOT recommend going to the slow-blow fuse unless you have unreliable power and are replacing the low-amp fuses regularly.


    Wolfgang - Thanks! The new fuse is installed and everything seems to be operating fine.

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    Did you ever find out how to fix this problem. Today i had a lghtning strike hitting about 300feet away. The receiver went on F70. That's it. When you turn it on it briefly shows the previous setting ( CD / Theater mode) only to go than to F70. Does anone knows what this is and how it can be fixed.

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