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hey hey hey

Kyle Posted Aug 16, 2005


Hello my name is Kyle, Im 18 yrs old and i live in newyork. ever since i was a little kid, i wanted to become some kind of singer or rapper because my family and I agree that music is my life, thats what im gifted with. at first, i saw how music was always talkin about getting girls, benz, and BIG houses. Im not like that. Im a guy that would be more like Omarion or 112, R&B, love songs and little bit of rap so if i do get a record deal, i would like my fans to like or love of what i got in mind. There is this song that i have made up. Well i made up about 20 songs but there's this one where everybody in my family loves. In my past I have sang my songs to very special girls in my life and also loved it as well. As i said before im not a guy thats not gonna rap about something thats not true, like getting shot 9 times. I mean, i will put a club song in there but i dont want to get to heavy into it. I wanna get a record deal that will enjoy people. That when they hear the song that they can start loving it. Some people do this record deal just because they want to meet someone famous. Im not like that. I mean i wouldnt mind and it would be a great experience for me but other than that then i dont see the BIG deal is, there just people just like us but alot more famous and richer. But i dont want to get into that. At times i just pray that one day, just one day that someone will except me and put me on a record deal. Im starting college soon to be an actor, but other than me going to college for tha, my biggest dream is to get a record deal with G-unit, but god knows if that will ever happen. IF u want to contact me in any way, u can e-mail me or call me up at 845-313-6117 Well thank you for ur time. Sincerely, Kyle Rossi


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    yeah man what up musik is my life to go check out my web site and tell me if u can help me get signed u can contact me by send n me a email at



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