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Sony APR 2003

Caoimhn Peatin Posted Aug 19, 2005

Battery for Sony APR 2003

I'm looking for a battery for this reel to reel recorder also a manual.


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    Re: Sony APR 2003

     Gabriel Posted Sep 14, 2005

    Hi, I also have a Sony APR2003 but it is missing the battery and power supply. So I do not even know whether it works. Do you know the pin outs of the power supply so I can build a power supply to run this. Hoping for a reply. regards Gabriel

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    Re: Sony APR 2003

     Dave Posted May 28, 2006

    Hi, I know this is an old thread but here is some info if you haven't already found it: The Sony part number for the battery is NP-1. It seems it was made just for the APR-2003 so good luck finding one. Its just a 12volt, 2 amp/hour so you could run this machine off any 12 volt battery with that rating using the power supply jack and a female 4 pin XLR Canon connector. You could even make a cig lighter adapter to use this off your car battery. Pin out: Pin 1 - Ground Pin 2 and 3 - no connection Pin 4 - + 12 volts Hope that helps some.. Dave

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    Re: Sony APR 2003

     sivaram Posted Aug 20, 2005

    Sorry,we cannot supply the battery for this model as this is supply-end spares



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