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Chris Posted Aug 20, 2005


SONY HDW-F500 HDCAM Studio VTR NEW -No Option Boards $67,600 each 6 each SONY HDW-F500 HDCAM Studio VTR w/24P and 60i compatibility. $63,000 each 4 each SONY HKDV501A 525 Down Converter Board $5,400 each 5 each SONY HKDV507D HD 3:2 Pull Down Board w/dual reference $9,800 each SONY DVW-510 Digital Betacam Editing Player (Digital Only) $22,000 2 SONY HDW-M2000 HDCAM Studio VTR w/multiformat playback $53,000 each 2 SONY HDW-M2100 HDCAM Studio Player w/multiformat playback $42,700 each SONY DVW-A500 Digibeta VTR $33,000 SONY DVW-A500P PAL Digibeta VTR $36,400 SONY DVW-M2000 NTSC Digital VTR $38,700 SONY DVW-M2000P PAL Digital VTR $43,440 FUJINON HA18 X 7.6BERM brand new $10,950 SONY HDW-M2100/1 NTSC HDCAM Studio Player VTR $45,460 SONY HDW-M2000/P1 PAL HDCAM Studio VTR $56,870 SONY MSW900 IMX Widescreen Digital Camcorder. $24,700 SONY DVS-9000SF Digital Switcher 2ME SD 34 in, 24 out, 4 Channel DME. 525/625 switchable operation. $122,000 SONY DVS-9000 Digital Switcher 4ME SD 80 in, 48 out, 4 Channel DME. 525/625 switchable operation. $224,000 SONY MVS-8000 4ME Mulit Format System 80in 48 out, 4 Channel DME. 1080i/60, 59.54, 50 1080p/30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.976 720p/59.94 480i/59.54 576i/50. $475,000 3 each SONY HKPF9000/PAC Multi Format Conversion Package $21,000 each MSRP $45,000 SONY HKPF9000 Multi format converter board - provides bi-directional conversion between HD SDI and SD SDI signals. Passes embedded audio and time code. Three aspect ratios can be selected for the converted output signal: squeeze, letter box, edge crop. The HKPF-9000 can be mounted in the PFVHD50A or PFVHD300 Digital Video Interface Unit. One HKPF-9000 occupies two slots on the PFVHD interface unit. The PFVHD50A can house one HKPF9000. The PFVHD300 can house a maximum of four HKPF-9000's. Various plug-in software options are available that provide 720p, 1035i, 480i/p, 576i/p inputs, as well as advanced aspect ratio conversion and color processing. $18,700 MSRP $36,500 8 SONY BKNW124 SDTI-CP Interface Board for DNW-A75/75/A65/65 Betacam SX VTRs. $800 each 4 each SONY BKDSAA10 Analog Audio Input Board 32 Channels for installation into DVS-128 router frame $3,150 each 4 each SONY BKDSAA11 32 Channels for instillation into DVS-128 router frame $5,800 each 4 each SONY BKDSAV11 Analog Video Output Board (32 Ch.) for installation into DVS-128 router frame $10,600 each 175 each SONY BKM120D 4:2:2 Input for BVM D Series Monitors $320 each 13 each SONY BKM142HD HD SDI input board for the BVM D Series 9-inch and 14-inch monitors $2,700 each 92 each SONY LMD170WS 17 Inch LCD Monitor. NTSC, PAL, 480/60I, 575/50I, 480/60P, 576/60P, 1080/50I, 1080/60I, 720/60P, and 1080/24PsF. $1,750 each 7 each SONY BVMD9H1U 8 inch monitor with 450 TV lines of resolution. The monitor supports both SD and HD signals including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080/24Psf. $2,400 each 22 each SONY BVM14F5U 14 inch standalone monitor. 16:9/4:3 aspect ratios $4,100 each 2 each SONY BKPF108C Component Digital Video Frame Synchronizer $1,500 each 2 each SONY BVP950 12-Bit ADSP Camera Shell $11,800 each 9 each SONY BVPE10WSH 12 Bit WS DSP Camera Head $12,700 each 4 each SONY CA905K Studio Built kit for BVP-950 / BVP-570 & BVP-9500WS. Allows the use of OB Box lenses with BVP series portable cameras. Unit requires the BKP-9057 7 inch VF adapter for use with the BVF-77/7700 series viewfinders. Can accomodate the BVF-55 series without an adapter. $6,400 each 3 SONY CCU900 digital fiber transmission camera control unit for the BVP-950 or BVP-9500WS with a CA-950 fiber camera adapter. $14,000 each 12 SONY GY8240FC DTF-2 Fibre Channel Tape Drive ability to read and write uncompressed capacity of 200GB with large cassette or 60GB with small cassettes, Sony's DTF-2 model GY8240FC computer peripheral tape drive is equipped with a native Fibre Channel interface. The model incorporates compression for average data capacities of 518GB or 155GB, respectively, and is highly suited for a wide range of stand-alone or automated library computing environments $8,000 each 3 each SONY HDC910 HDVS IT Imager OB and Studio Digital Camera Head. Multi-format, multi-frame rate full size studio camera. The HDC-910 is capable of capturing 1080 line 50/60 interlace images, as well as outputting 480 60 interlace or 720P 60 (requires the HDCU-903 option board in the HDCU) $73,000 each 12 each SONY HDC930 HDVS Portable Camera Head. Multi-format, multi-frame rate portable studio/EFP camera. The HDC-930 is capable of capturing 1080 50/60 interlace images. 720P captures requires the additional HDCU-904 line converter board that resides in the HDCU-900 Camera control unit. $56,000 each SONY DVS128 128 Input by 128 Output Routing Switcher Frame $13,800 SONY DVSV6464M SDI/SDTI (143, 177, 270, 360, 540 Mbps) Digital Video Routing Switcher (64*64 Building Block Router) $12,000 7 each SONY HDSX3400 Multi-Bit Rate Router Frame 1 RU 16X16 I/O SD/HD $9,300 each 2 each SONY HDSX3700 Multi-Bit Rate Router Frame 8 RU 128X128 I/O SD/HD $14,700 each SONY BKBU2000 Isara Master Control A/V Processing Unit $6,400 2 each SONY HKPF102 HD D/A converter board (installation into PFV-HD). Converts 1 HD SDI input signal into qty. 2 of either Y, PB, PR or G, B, RHD analog outputs. Compliant to ISR (Interactive Status Reporting) for diagnostics and error monitoring. $2,200 each 4 each SONY HKCU904 line converter unit used in the HDCU-900 for the output of either 720p or 1035i signals. It provides 4 ouputs and return inputs of 1080/1035/720P as well as line converted sync. $4,400 each 2 each SONY HKPF1125 HD Up Converter Board. Installs into PFV-HD50A or PFV-HD300 frames. Upconverted signals which can be converted to 1080i HD are NTSC Composite, SDI composite and SDI Component. Provides distribution (3 outputs) as well as conversion. Remote control capable with HKDV-503 remote controller. $3,000 each SONY HKCU953 Frame Rate Converter Unit For HDCU-950 provides 2:3 pull-down to change the picture format between 24P and progressive 30 frames. $5,600 2 each SONY HKPF525 HD Down-converter board (PFV-HD Series). Down-converts one HD SDI signal to qty. 4 SDI component digital signals. Includes a RS-422 remote control port for switching between squeeze (16:9) / Edge Crop and letter box modes. Conforms to ISR (Interactive Status Reporting) for diagnostics and error monitoring. $2,200 each SONY HKS5830M HD/SD 264 X 34 Matrix Board for HDS-X5800 Router $13,800 5 each SONY HKS5830SD SD Matrix Board $9,300 each SONY BKDM3040 Wipe/Graphic Board for DME-3000/7000 System. $4,500 SONY BKDM3060 Key Channel/Recursive Effect Board for DME-3000 System. $2,900 4 each SONY Digital Color Effects Board for DME-7000. $1,400 each SONY BKDM7070 Advanced Shadow Board for DME-7000. $4,400 SONY CMDCONVUNIT6 Command Conversion Unit, designed to interface the MSU-700/CNU-700/RCP-7XX to the older equipment (ex: CCU-370, CCU-355A, CCU-550) in order to improve the control speed of the RCP and MSU. $8,500 2 each SONY HKDS7690A Power Supply For HDS7000/24 and HDME7000/24 $9,300 each SONY HKDS7695A Power Supply For HDME-7000 high-definition digital effects unit. $9,300 2 each SONY HKPF102/2 HD D to A converter board converts an HD component serial digital video signal to an HD component analog video signal. The input is switchable to accept either a Y/Pb/Pr or RGB format signal. Two sets of outputs are provided. The HKPF102/2 is calibrated to operate at 1080 active lines. $2,800 each 25 each SONY HKPF525AV HD Down converter board converts an HD component serial digital video signal to an SD component serial digital signal and distributes it to four outputs. The 525 line component output signal format is selectable to 4:2:2 Y/B-Y/R-Y, 4:4:4 Y/B-Y/R-Y or 4:4:4 GBR. For 4:4:4 format signals, only two outputs are available. Passes embedded audio. Supports 1080 (1035) i to 485i at 59.94 Hz and 1080i to 576i at 50 Hz conversion. Supports 1080 (1035) i to 485i at 59.94 Hz and 1080i to 576i at 50 Hz conversion. Minimum delay/frame delay selectable. Remote control from HKDV-503 digital video controller. Passes embedded audio. Parallel alarm output. $4,800 each SONY HKPFD270 HDCAM decoder board designed to convert SDTI (HDCAM) signals to HD SDI signals (conforming to SMPTE292M/BTA S-004B). (270Mbps SDTI to 1.5Gbps). Installs into 3 RU/ 4 slot PFV-HD50A or PFV-HD300 7 RU / 14 slot frame. $4,800 AVID: AVID SYMPHONY $34,900 each Symphony 5.0 installed Full 5.0 Documentation 1 IBM Intellistation Zpro 933 mhz Processor w/1 gb ram Keyboard and Mouse Windows 2000 1 Audio Input/Output Device (888) 1 Audio/Video Breakout Box 1 Audio Splitter No SCSI or Fibre Card installed No Open GL Cards Symphony uses Mercedes 3d card BASIC AVID ASSURANCE IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PURCHASE (A $3999.00 VALUE) EXTENDED HARDWARE WARRANTY IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PURCHASE (A $2100.00 VALUE) IBM CPU IS NOT COVERED TWO WEEKS FOR DELIVERY LENSES: FUJINON AH20X8FESM-D SS RC 20X Studio Lens w/o PJ $38,000 (NEW Lens) MSRP $61,360 IKEGAMI NEW and B STOCK EQUIPMENT: 11 each HC-250 1/2-inch 3CCD One piece Digital Processing Box-type Camera $8,200 each (NEW) 3 each HDL-10 2/3-inch FIT Ultra-Compact HD Camera $14,500 each MSRP $34,700 HK-387WBT 2_3-inch IT Studio Camera System 16:9_4:3 $52,000 MSRP $85,300 12-bit full digital processing cameras that combine Ikegami's vast studio camera experience with today's digital technology. By incorporating newly developed digital processing IC's (ASIC's), these cameras achieve consistently high picture quality and reliability that only digital processing can deliver. A 10MHz ultra-wideband component triax system and a fiber optic digital transmission system are available for the HK-387W/387PW. 3 each HDL-37E 2_3-inch FIT Compact HD Camera $37,000 MSRP $77,400 2 each HK-387PWBT/B4 PAL 2/3-inch IT Portable Camera System B4 16:9/4:3 $39,800 each MSRP $73,900 (NEW) HK-388PE/F64 PAL 2/3-inch FIT Portable Camera 640K 4:3 CCD $29,000 MSRP $58,000 (Ultra-wideband Studio/Field Digital CCD Camera System) 2 each HL-V75WE 2/3-inch IT CCD 520K 16:9 DVCPRO50 Digital Camera/Recorder $23,400 each MSRP $35,000 (NEW) HVC-555 Up Converter, 480i to 1080i with HD SDI $11,900 MSRP $25,800 New HTM1550R2 15-inch CRT HDTV 1080i/480i Color Monitor $3,600 MSRP $7,400 750TV lines : at HDTV. 1080i/720p-compatibe(Type-1) and 1080i-compatibe type (Type-2) available. Compatibility with HDTV/SDTV analog component signals(Y,Pb, Pr/RGB) as standard. 5 each HTM1907R 19-inch CRT HDTV (Multi Format) Color Monitor $8,800 each MSRP $12,200 900 TV Lines and Broadcast Quality. 1080i, 720p, 1080/24pSF, NTSC and PAL are available (Including Option) HDTV /SDTV analog component input signals are standard. Rear access plug-in modules for SDI (multi-format) and NTSC or PAL input signals available as options. Up to four modules can be plugged into the monitor. 4 each HTM2050R2 20-inch CRT HDTV(1080i/480i) Color Monitor $6,500 each MSRP $12,900 900TV lines : at HDTV. 1080i/720p-compatibe(Type-1) and 1080i-compatibe type (Type-2) available. Compatibility with HDTV/SDTV analog component signals(Y,Pb, Pr/RGB) as standard. TEKTRONIX TEST EQUIPMENT: AD953A MPEG Test System MAINFRAME INCLUDING 1 MIC CARD WITH RECORD AND PLAY SOFTWARE, MUX SOFTWARE, MAKE SEAMLESS, CUTTER, MAKER AND EDITOR, TSA, PES AND BUFFER ANALYSIS AND MONITOR PLUS A0, ASPT, DU, GPPC Options $43,000 each MSRP $68,175 AD953A MPEG Test System MAINFRAME INCLUDING 1 MIC CARD WITH RECORD AND PLAY SOFTWARE, MUX SOFTWARE, MAKE SEAMLESS, CUTTER, MAKER AND EDITOR, TSA, PES AND BUFFER ANALYSIS AND MONITOR PLUS A1, ASPT*2, DU Options $36,700 each MSRP $66,175 MTG300 GENERATOR; REALTIME MPEG T S - CERTIFICATE OF TRACEABLE CALIBRATION STANDARD None $15,850 each MSRP $28,515 MTS300 MPEG SYSTEM REAL-TIME ANALYZER, With Options: A0, AS, LV $43,855 each MSRP $70,490 MTS300 MPEG SYSTEM REAL-TIME ANALYZER, With Options: A3, AS $39,875 each $66,995 MTS300 MPEG SYSTEM REAL-TIME ANALYZER, With Options: DT, LV, OM $49,885 each $86,720 FSU26 Spectrum Analyzer $35,850 2.5G and 3G component development and amplifier production test FEATURES: - Frequency Ranges: 20 Hz to 3.6 GHz, 8 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 46 GHz - Widest-ever Range of Resolution Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 50 MHz - Most Complete Suite of Detectors in Any Spectrum Analyzer - Most Flexible Selection of Resolution Filter Characteristics - Demodulation of GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, cdma2000, 1xEVDO, and 1xEVDV demodulation - Unmatched features come standard with the instrument – ACLR filters, Legacy Spectrum Analyzer Code Compatibility/Replacement - Unmatched Overall Measurement Accuracy - NEW! – Windows XP operating system and USB support - Simpler upgrades with USB technology - Faster processing of demodulation measurements - Incorporated Power Meter measurements with USB adapter - LAN connectivity now standard 80C02 Oscilloscope $21,800 optical test solution for Telecom (155 Mb/s to 43.018 Gb/s) or Datacom (Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 GbE and InfiniBand) applications, as well as general purpose optical component testing FEATURES: - 10 Gb/s Telecom & Datacom - 80C08C and 80C12 (w/ Option 10G) - Low-noise, High Optical Sensitivity and Broad Wavelength Conformance Testing for 10 GbE LAN, WAN, and FEC, 10G Fibre Channel, and 10 Gb/s Telecom standards and FEC Rates - 80C11 30GHz Optical Bandwidth Conformance Testing and Characterization for 10 Gb/s Telecom and Datacom Standards and FEC rates - 80C08C and 80C11 Integrated Clock Recovery Supports all current 10 Gb/s Standards or User Defined Rate from 9.8 to 12.6 Gb/s - 80C12 Clock Recovery for 10Gb/s rate is supported via 80A05 Clock Recovery Module (sold separately) - 40 Gb/s Telecom 80C10 Provides Highest Optical Bandwidth Capability for Performance Testing and Signal Characterization of 40 Gb/s RZ or NRZ Data Formats 80C10 Provides 65 GHz Optical Bandwidth and Reference Receivers for Conformance Testing of 39.813 Gb/s (OC-768/STM-256) and 43.018 Gb/s (ITU-T G.709 FEC) - Tributary Telecom & Datacom 80C07B and 80C12 Provide Excellent Optical Sensitivity and Broad Wavelength Test Capability - 80C07B, 80C12, 80C01 Multi-rate Telecom Conformance Testing Solutions from 155 Mb/s (OC-3/STM-4) through 9.953 Gb/s (OC-192/STM-64) and Multi-rate Datacom Conformance Testing Solutions for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and Infiniband Standards CSA7000B Real-time Oscilloscope $26,755 FEATURES: - Real-time Oscilloscope Platform with Up to 4 GHz True Analog Bandwidth and Down to 72 ps Rise Time - 400,000 wfms/s Waveform Capture Rate, powered by exclusive DPX™ acquisition technology - 20 GS/s Maxium Real-time Sample Rate - Built-in Compliance Mask Tests with up to 2.5 Gb/s Optical and Electrical Data Stream Rates - Integrated Optical Reference Receiver Protects Integrity of System Calibration - Integrated Hardware Clock Recovery Provides Single-connection Convenience - Up to 64 MB Record Length with MultiView Zoom™ for Quick Navigation of Long Records - 64-Bit Serial Trigger for Isolation of Pattern-dependent Effects - Complete Eye Pattern Measurements Suite Including Extinction Ratio, Q-factor, Eye Height/width, Jitter and Noise - Waveform Database Acquisition Technology for Accurate Parametric Measurements on Eye Patterns - TekConnect® Interface for High Fidelity Connection - OpenChoice™ with Windows 2000 Delivers Built-in Networking and Analysis - Design Development and Compliance Testing of Optical and Electrical Signals to 2.5 Gb/s Rates - Physical Layer Characterization of Communication Signals in Backplane, Midplane and Embedded Designs - Optical and Electrical Signal Integrity, Margin Verification, Jitter and Timing Analysis *FACTORY REFURBISHED*-IN ORIGINAL BOX* TDS7404 Oscilloscope 4GHz 4Ch DPO $26,990 Frequency Range/ Bandwith 4 GHz Max. Vertical Sensitivity 1 V/div Min. Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div Number of Channels 4 Ch Record Length 100 Kp/s Sample Rate 5 GSa/s Type (D/A) Digital Includes: 016-1441-00 Accessory Pouch 067-0405-02 Cal Deskew Fixture 200-4653-00 Front Cover 119-6298-00 MOUSE 020-2450-16 Optional Applications Software Set 020-2449-02 Oscilloscope Analysis and Connectiv 161-0104-00 Power Cord 063-3461-10 Product Software CD-ROM 071-7000-02 Reference TCA-SMA TekConnect-to-SMA adapters 071-7010-03 User Manual ACTERNA ANT20SE Advanced Network Tester Calibrated and certified through 6/13/06 $23,000 options included: 3035/90.01 Mapping C12 3035/90.02 34 Mpbs in C3 Mapping 3035/90.03 Mapping C11 3035/90.05 45Mpbs in C3 Mapping 3035/90.06 Mapping C2 3035/90.10 Mapping VT1.5 3035/90.11 Mapping VT6 SPE 3035/90.12 DS3 in STS-1 SPE Mapping 3035/90.13 E1 in VT2 SPE Mapping 3035/90.15 Extende Overhead Analysis 3035/90.20 Drop and Insert 3035/90.32 Mux/ Demux 3035/90.33 Bit Error Test 2/8/34/140 Mpbs 3035/90.34 Bit Error 1,5/45 Mpbs 3035/90.48 Optics STM-1/4, OC-1/3/12, 1310 &1550 3035/90.90 OC-12c/STM-4c BERT 3035/90.93 OC-48C/STM64C BERT 3035/90.94 OC-192c/STM64c BERT 3035/91.45 Optics STM-64, OC-192 Generator/ Analysis 1550nm 3035/91.59 New STM-16 1310 / 1550 3035/95.90 Test Sequencer


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