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Re: sony tv

jerry pilet Posted Aug 20, 2005, in response to:jerry pilet

that was the first thing I tried they're on, I used to repair tv, radio when they used glowing transistors( tubes) and still restore tube radios , I guess it stays in your blood. I got out when transistors got in , wish I'd stayed in longer but with some direction I should be able to bring some words back to my sony I went and bought va new sony a 50" lcd very nice, but they have a elderly care center near me that could use my old sony if I can restore it's voice. they can't afford a new tv and their old one needs major work so I told them this is theirs once I get it working . I'm not going to put alot in it to give it away , I don't need it since I already replaced itso i'll tinker a little while before it goes to big sony haven in nthe sky! Thanks for trying to help, I really appreicate it, but my wife is already nagging me to put it out for trash, I just thought it was a common problem like the old days!!!Thanks Jerry


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