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Recommended sony dvd player for Sony 34 kd xs955 tv

Doyle Sanders Posted Aug 20, 2005

I am new to the HDTV experience and could use some help with purchasing DVD players and any other accesories to compliment my new tv.

I picked up the sony 34 kdxs955 HDTV about two weeks ago and I am thrilled with it. I live in Canada so I have to use a HD Digital box to display HD content even though the tv has the built in tuner. I am thrilled with the HD programming when it is widescreen and the show was recorded in HD but some of the HD networks here still display in 4:3 aspect ratio and even the quality of older shows on the hd channels thatwas not recorded in hd seems to be lacking. Is this normal? Anyways, can anyone help me pick a sony dvd player for this tv. upscaling and all of that is confusing to me thus far.


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