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Stuck lens in retracted position- DSC P73

sg Posted Aug 20, 2005

Thanks to miscellaneous suggestion was able to fix my camera

My daughter accidentally dropped the sony cybershot about a year ago. Since then the lens cover stayed shut and would not open nor extend when the power was turned on. It would make a humming whirring sound as if the motor was trying to do something. I tried tapping it, changed batteries etc and had given up on the camera till today when I came across this forum. I read about the experiences folks had with dropping the camera and trying to smack the camera for an error when they had the lens stuck in the extended position. I did not get an error on my camera but I figured I had nothing to lose. I opened the camera figuring that I could disassemble the lens assembly. I was able to open the camera up relatively easily (five screws). However the lens assembly was impossible to open without screwing up something else. So I decided to give up and put it back together. I still had the same problem with the lens stuck shut and the humming. So I decided to slam the camera against the table - a few whacks and thr problem remained. I was ready to give up when I decided to whack the lens cover against the countertop (I was whacking the sides and bottom of the camera). It was one strong whack out of desperation. Well the last whack did the job. I have a fully functional camera now.


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