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AV-48WP30 Blinking power light

Mannie Posted Aug 22, 2005

My JVC AV-48WP30 has blinking power light,

Out of the blue when I turned on the set, I heard some thomping sound(5 times) then it turned off and turned back on but now the lamp light is blinking. Np picture or sound just the blinking power light. What is happening? can anybody help me on this? Thanks.


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    I have an AV-32050 (a 1999 model). Seems like the same problem -- the on timer came on last night and I cannot turn it off; it keeps blinking. I unplugged everything, but nothing I did fixed it, and I can't get the TV to turn on. If there is a fix for this problem, please share info. Thanks.


    hi i am having the same issue have u found what the problem was?


    I have the same problem. I can reset the TV by unplugging it from AC but that lasts about a week and the problem returns. Once the power light is blinking the set will do nothing.



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