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Video and sound interruption on playback

jeff Posted Aug 23, 2005

JVC playback/head? problem

My JVC GR-D295US camcorder is brand new, out of box, and from the start, I have recorded some video inside and outside. The problem is, no matter what kind of mini DV tape (TDK, Sony), and even following a head cleaning (Maxell miniDV dig. vid. head cleaner), the video plays back with a video blip and sound interruption every 5sec. or so. This is my first camcorder (ever!) and I wasn't sure it if was me or the cam. I think its a head issue, but wasnt sure if there was something in the cam settings that fixes this problem or not. Any help would be appreciated before I go to an authorized dealer to get it looked at (the warranty is still good). Thanks!


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