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Sony DCR-HC32 LCD Touch Screen Panel Problem.

Neha Raspann Posted Aug 25, 2005

Seeking help with digicam issue.

Greetings and thanks for reading this. Unable to get LCD touch panel functions to work after replacing the flip out LCD screen. Sony DCR-HC32 digital camcorder. The LCD was cracked by accident. I obtained another one from Sony DAPC. Replacement installation seemed to go fine. Screen turns on, lights up, shows a picture, even reverses when the flip out is turned 180 degrees. Why doesn't the touch screen work anymore? Have tried pushing the 'reset' button. Unable to perform calibration because the touch panel must be working first. Perhaps one of the flat ribbon cables is not fully inserted into the connector? If so, then wouldn't the screen fail to work at all until everything is perfect? Any help will be grandly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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