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Olympus C4-40 Zoom Digital Camera.

Mac Posted Aug 27, 2005

Focusing Problem.

I'm currently trying to fix this digital camera. Every thing on this camera works fine, all the modes, ect, except that it seems that it seems short sited. When you take pictures of anything, from macro to distant, the picture is out of focus by the same amount. You hear the lens focus and you see the image go from very blury and then settle down to its out of focus image. The camera then takes the picture. BUT, When you use the zoom and zoom about half way then everything works fine, all the pictures are sharp and in focus. Does anyone know if there is a service manual available or if there is a service mode you can enter, to change any focusing settings. I have e-mailed Olympus and the reply i get is pay for it to be repaired. The cost of getting it repaired is more then the camera is worth. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance Mac.


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