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AVID Xpress, frozen image on TV

Perry Winslow Posted Aug 28, 2005

Connecting AVID Xpress 3.5 to a TV

Re: Playback problems (frozen image) Perry Winslow - 27th Aug 2005 15:16 We have the same problem as described below. Has anyone got an answer/solution? Best Regards Perry Playback problems (frozen image) volker - 21st Dec 2002 9:49 Hi! I´ve just installed AVID Dv Xpress 3.5 on my Dual Pentium III 1Ghz computer. But I´m uncapable of displaying captuered material in realtime; only audio can be handled in real time while the image remains frozen.On the other hand exporting the same material as an AVI file ends up pretty well. So my presumption is that I´m using the wrong camera protocol (camera is a Sony DCR-PC 110E in PAL) since it´s always switching automatically to “DV 25 420” setting and no other option is permitted after the camera has been detected by the system. Or is it a simple memory problem? User setting? How can I find out? Thanx a lot! Volker


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