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DSC F717 Distorted Images

Kishore Pereira Posted Aug 29, 2005

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I think I too have the same issue what you dudes are talking. When I powered on the camera last week, I could not see any clear images on my display or on the view finder. The view is completeley distorted. Did anyone notice that the problem started for everyone exactly when the camera is 1.5yrs old ?????????? Is is something pre-programmed by Sony that this particular component should fail after 1.5yrs of usage ??? I even doubt it. I paid US$ 999 for this DSC F717 cam. It worked very well all these days. Even my camera was never dropped down and not even touched by anyone other than me. I have kept it so safe like keeping a small baby.... I have the messages of more than 7 people on the net, who complains it failed exactly after 1.5yrs of usage. I am planning to approach the Sony Service Centre tomorrow and see what they got to say about this issue. If interested to know the responses, pls do keep in touch with me on Also pls send me the details and write-ups you have about this to my mail. Kind regards, Kishore.


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    Hello Mr. Pereira, Welcome to our "Club". Unfortunately F-717 has a serious project problem in its CCD.It just dies after 1 or 2 years (aprox. 1500 pictures) As it is coupled to the lens, Sony charge us the value of the camera to repair it. (aprox. US$ 800,00 in my case). There is also a comunity in ORKUT discussing about it (I have more than 20 contacts of people with the same problem). I also have sent a detailed report to Japan and Sony just ignored me. If you are interested to know a little bit more about this problem send me a e-mail to that I will send you a detailed report. Best regards and good luck, Marcelo Frota Niteroi-RJ Brazil



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