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Format eror C:13:01 DSC-W5

Dr.Abhijit Joshi Posted Aug 29, 2005

Momoer stick error

I have a newly purchased DSC-W5 sony camera and a 256 mb memory stick pro magicgate and for the last few months i am unable to use the memory stick as i get a message 'format error c:13:01 i tried to format the stick from the camera but I get the same message.i use Win XP home to format it via a comp.I dont have a card reader,i connect the camera via usb port.Please help the card is costly ..


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    Hi Abhijeet, The reason i am writing this mail to you is to know the replies you have got from fellow messengers. I have a similar problem with my memory stick...i want to restore the pictures back. how do i do it. Please advise. Regards Badarinath Shantharam



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