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Re: Sony - Model KPR-53-EX35

gary ridenour Posted Aug 31, 2005, in response to:Luigi

if the pic is fading out this sounds like the filimants in the crt's is going out. if you look at the necks of the tubes, right at the end you should see an orange glow. this is the filaments. if they are not glowing you are loosing the filament supply probably from the flyback. and its sound like a bad connection. ive seen this before not only on projo's but TV's as well...........luck


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    Gary, Thanks for the reply. I did look into the CRTs and could not see any orange glow. I am not a technician, so I don't know exactly where the neck is, but I didn't see any glow anywhere in the CRTs. If there is a bad connection, does that ultimately mean I need to replace the CRT's? Thanks for your assistance.

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