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Chuck Dixon Posted Sep 03, 2005, in response to:Stephanie Sydnor

I just replaced the CCD base aasembly on my JVC GR-D90U, to fix the "Lens Cap Error". The part # for the CCD is LYH30446-001A-S, about $58 regular UPS from The job is not for the faint of heart and requires VERY good soldering skills. So far the camera is working normally just like it always has. I never pointed my camera into the sun. The camera quit working after being left in hot car for about 2 hours. I know this was the cause, because I have a habit of recording with the camera before I leave the house,although it was no damn help this time. As a point of interest, the CCD is mounted to a heat sink with epoxy. I popped the CCD off of the heat sink, and guess what, it is made by SONY!! The part # on the back of the CCD is SONY 325X7YK 1CX280 JKA Googling these numbers turned up nothing.


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