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lawrence rosales Posted Sep 03, 2005, in response to:Thomas D

Hi, I bought a sony dsc-t1 cybershot on ebay. when i received the camera it would not turn on. Upon troubleshooting the camera, the camera would only turn on if it was on the charger. I tried several different batteries and nothing would work unless the camera was on the charger. I asked a friend to let me borrow his sony dsc-t1 cybershot so i could look at both the battery compartments side by side. It was then that i noticed that my camera was missing the contacts inside that meet the battery when you slide it inside the camera. Do you know how i can order that part. If you need me to be more specific i dont really know how to explain it. If you look into a sony cybershot where the battery is installed there is a little metal piece with three little prongs. These are the little prongs that meet the three metal areas on the battery. Please help me if you can. I am in Iraq and i dont have nothing to take pictures with. I dont plan on ever coming back so i need some memories other then the ones that are in my head. Thanks Lawrence Rosales. P.S. If you can fix this please send me a address to send the camera too.


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