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Sony DVP NS41P

John Posted Sep 03, 2005

Is the power supply fused?

I plugged the player into a European wall outlet (220v) without a transormer (only a plug adapter) without checking and seeing that this player is not dual voltage (110v only). Is the power circuit fused somewhere, or is the whole board fried?


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    Re: Sony DVP NS41P

     some one to help Posted Dec 24, 2005

    Thats an region 1 (ntsc) dvd player unless you have alot of dvds that are in that code it won't play anty way, It was probibly a good thing that you fried it no offence, I don't know why it fried if you used the adapter i would call the adapter company and complain. o ya if you have an warranty on the dvd player call and tell them that it was broke when you bought it or something then send it back they should replace it. About the region codeing american dvd usely are (ntsc) code and europe uesly (pal) code. i dont know why thay do that i think it's because they sell dvd cheaper in europe. hope i helped o ya i have the same dvd player its pretty damn good



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