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sony trv-120 errror code.C:31:23

randolph williams Posted Sep 04, 2005

need someone to tell me how to fix error code.

sporadic activity, some times tape comes out, other times won't open, far enough to remove tape, error code C:31:21 ALSO SHOWS UP, IF BATTERY IS REMOVED AND REPLACED SEVERAL TIMES, IT SOMETIMES GETS THE TAPE OUT , BUT USUALLY IF IT RELOADS SAME MESSAGE COMES ON. YOU MAY PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL 720-270-5626 , NEED HELP TODAY.


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    Unsure if this is too late, but my TRV250 had the same thing happen very recently. The code indicates condensation was present in the camera and, contrary to the manual or customer service's recommendations, it'll need to be reset by the manufacturer. If it's out of warranty, it'll cost $180-$240.


    Hello, for repair you must replace part number A-7018-245-B Chassis Assy. Regrards, Niko.

    Comment 1, Last comment by Tim Sep 28, 2005


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