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Brian Posted Sep 06, 2005


Hi, Can anyone help me? I am trying to fix a sony rx100av mini stereo system because the cd player portion won't work. I took it apart expecting to adjust the laser screw but found that the cd gets picked up but refuses to spin after which the player will drop it and rotate the tray looking for another disc.


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    Re: SONY RX100AV

     WRBL Posted Aug 13, 2009

    I just had the same problem.. The solution is very simple! Take a look inside the hi fi. There's a small black rubber spinning around.. All you have to do is .... REPLACE it!' Simple ;) Greetings from Poland dude &-'

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    Re: SONY RX100AV

     Richard Posted Oct 06, 2005

    SONY RX100AV I saw your post on and i have the same cd player, I got it off my dad and it was working fine but now it does the same as yours, at first I thought it was because I was using copied cds, u put the cd in but it doesn’t sense it and moves round to the next cd but does the same again and till its done em all. I put a proper cd in and it did same so I thought its broken. Have u had any luck yet and know what to do with it? Look forward to hearing from you.



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